Moms With Boys Need Bounty With Dawn

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My relationship with Bounty has blossomed from a college girl on her own for the first time to a mom of boys chasing sticky hands throughout the house. It was no surprise when Bounty introduced its new paper towel that was infused with the grease fighting power of Dawn, I was hooked. I’ve always been a Bounty/Dawn girl, so having two of my favorite products together just made sense.


My house of boys (big and small) comes with daily spills and messes from the kitchen to the bathroom, the floors to the walls and every nook and cranny between. I’m constantly grabbing my Bounty to clean up mess after mess. I’m pretty much convinced the new Bounty with Dawn was made especially for me and my family. Surely they found out about the chocolate hands on my walls or syrup stuck on my counter. Maybe they felt bad about that medicine cap that was directly stuck on my kitchen table or the ring left on my end table from my toddlers milk cup. While any of these circumstances may have prompted this latest creation, regardless I will gladly accept every ounce of those lovely bubbles.

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We received an awesome Bounty With Dawn kit complete with our own mini kitchen, a roll of new Bounty With Dawn, a pasta scoop, ice cream scoop (which was my favorite), and mini booklet of fun recipes. Part of our Bounty With Dawn kit also included a WalMart gift card to purchase items and create a tasty recipe! I let my little guy help me with a recipe and it was no surprise he selected the hot chocolate! We’re guilty of not ALL the chocolate syrup making it to the cup and although my counter hides messes well, you can’t mistake the dried chocolate. We had macaroni for dinner and the sauce had also splattered on my wall behind the stove. I’m not a fan of cleaning, but I was so excited to try my new Bounty with Dawn!

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The Bounty sheet was super thick and smelled so fresh and clean. With just a little bit of water, I was able to work up a nice lather. Before I started cleaning my counter and walls- I figured I’d wash the sharp knives in my sink. I was completely amazed how well the Bounty Towel With Dawn scrubbed the knives and lifted all of the tiny particles.

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I then went to what I thought would be “work”- on my counter and back splash. The one single sheet was so durable I was able to wash my dirty knives, counter, and back splash in one shot. After just a few little scrubs my counter was chocolate clear and there was no sauce residue on my wall!

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Here is some info about the new Bounty With Dawn:

  • Bounty with Dawn is a specially designed 2-in-1 product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with grease-fighting power of Dawn dish soap
  • When activated by water, Bounty with Dawn stands up to tough messes like grease and dried food residue
  • Bounty with Dawn stands up to tough messes similar to a dishcloth
  • Bounty with Dawn is the thickest, strongest Bounty available on the market, with 70% more fibers in each sheet and clothlike durability to stay intact while cleaning
  • Bounty with Dawn can even be reused—simply rinse and wring the grease out to keep tackling any mess with just one sheet
  • Regular Bounty is still recommended for everyday messes and spills
  • The grease-fighting power of Dawn combined with the strength of Bounty cleans 4x better than a used dishcloth



The hot chocolate recipe was SO good- and perfect for the kids! Pick up a roll of Bounty with Dawn so you don’t have to worry about the chocolate mess left behind.


Chocolate syrup
Canned whipped cream
Milk of choice


1. Squirt 3 tbsp of chocolate sauce in a mug.
2. Fill mug halfway up with whipped cream.
3. Mix the cream and chocolate together with a spoon.
4. Add the hot milk of your choice and stir thoroughly.
5. Top with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

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*Disclosure- This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Bounty, however my love for Bounty is pure.


Finding Rainbows At The End Of The Storm

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No matter what life throws at you it’s always important to maintain your dignity, grace, and composure. Keep your chin up and know that things are bound to turn around. And when all else fails and you realize that some things may never be the same, accept it, move forward and always embrace the rainbow at the end of the storm!

It’s amazing how much your life can change in the blink of an eye …or a hit of the head. It’s been a little over one year since I proclaimed how I was going to move forward in 2014 with embracing every moment- good and bad- that created a memory. While I kept my 2014 promise, I move into 2015 with the same dedication but also in acceptance. While my future is unknown and today marks exactly two years since this freak accident brain injury has turned my life in a complete tailspin, I cannot try to change the path of my direction of progress. I can simply accept the cards I’ve been dealt and switch from playing a get rich “quick” game of Poker to a friendly and entertaining game of Go Fish.

Storm Clouds Saskatchewan

My interests, activities, and desires from a life I once knew must now adapt to the life I have now. No matter how much I want to deny or pretend, there are certain things that are no longer in my scope. I can’t do lights, concerts, wild rides, or pretty much be anywhere that has crazy buzzing, beeping, or florescent lights, but there’s so much more to life than those things. All-in-all it could always be a lot worse but let’s be honest sucks.

So rather than throw a pity party for myself, I’ll do the only thing I know and try to win the challenge of accepting MY challenges. Which includes appreciating the friendships won and lost, continuing to focus on the good, socking some memories into the forever vault, and letting go of the things I can’t control.


Here’s to finding a rainbow at the end of every storm!

Tulip flowers

Just think S.P.R.I.N.G

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Spring fever hits New Englanders- or at least this NE girl- in March. The holidays are over, you’ve had your fare share of historically low temperatures, and officially hit your snow tolerance maximum. Besides lets be real- all of the pretty white stuff is long gone. We’re now left with the mounds of dirty snow and wet sand where ever we look. For as long as I can remember, there has always been a snow storm on March 1st or 2nd in New England. This year, we get to celebrate the first day of Spring with another significant snowfall. Not to worry! I’ve compiled a nice list of things you can do to prep for the nice weather … Just think S.P.R.I.N.G
 Tulip flowers
1. Shave your legs. And I don’t mean that quick “winter and I don’t care if I’m missing patches of hair” shave. I’m talking breaking out the shaving gel, going slow & steady to create and nice smooth surface, and concluding with a moisturizer. Plus Gillette Venus just came out with a new razor perfect to get your legs Spring ready, you can read more about it here.
2. Pedicure. Treat yourself to the full treatment, not just the paint. Your feet will feel fresh and ready for that warm breeze!
Woman painting toenails.
3. Revamp your nail polish. Trade in the winter darks for lighter neutral colors like pinks and peach. You can even through in some crazy greens or blues!
Nail polishes
4. Iced tea- or if you’re a Southerner at heart like my love- Sweet Tea. Enough of the hot cocoa and hot tea. It may be a little cold, but throw on a sweater and make a fresh batch of homemade iced tea !
refreshing Ice tea
5. New pair of flip flops. There’s nothing wrong with preparing your fashion for the upcoming season. Plus, it will be SO much more exciting the first time you wear them when you’ve been anticipating it for the past few weeks.
Leather feminine sandals
4. Get your hair done. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic like a crazy cut or wild color, but start to transition in the lighter shades. Add some highlights and get those dead ends trimmed. Summer will be here before we know it!
Lovely blonde bites her lip

The snow plows may still be gassed up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mentally be on a level of tulips and pedicures!

What do you look forward to most about the Spring?


Show Those Legs With Gillette Venus Swirl Razor #NewVenusSwirl

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Ladies, get ready! After a long and cold winter, we are FINALLY approaching the season of skirts, shorts, and showing off those lovely legs! While the birds chirping and warm weather coming may be exciting, it leaves the dreaded task of getting those legs trimmed, prepped, and ready to show off. If you have been neglecting your legs for the past 4-5 months, not too worry! You can put away the idea of having to break out a chainsaw to grind through that thick meadow of hair with the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor and Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel!


I have been a Venus girl for as long as I can remember and mainly for two VERY important reasons:

1. It NEVER leaves me cut up with nicks all over my legs (its painful and just looks gross)
2. Its the ONLY razor to give me a close enough shave for a long lasting freshly shaved feeling throughout the day


I’ve been shaving my legs long enough to consider myself seasoned in the art, however I’ll admit, my knees and ankles continuously give me a good run for my money. I don’t know what it is about those areas but I always miss a few hairs. And honestly what is more embarrassing than having beautiful silky smooth legs and noticing that you have a tiny clump of hair right above your ankle? It completely taints the sex appeal of those strappy shoes!

I was sold on the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor before I tried it because, as you know, I am a Venus girl through and through. HOWEVER, I didn’t realize how much Gillette stepped up their game for Venus girls like me when they put that lovely swirl feature into the razor. I happily said goodbye to stubborn ankle hair patches and random knee hairs. Plus, the Flexiball easily glides the razor in multiple directions, so shaving your underarms doesn’t require an entire workout!  Coupled with the Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel, my body looks flawless and feels like pure silk.


Here is some more info about the Gillette Venus Swirl razor. You can also check out the VenusSwirl website and follow Gillette Venus on Facebook and Twitter!

  • The new proprietary FlexiBall™ technology offers a totally unique movement like no other male or female razor on the market.
  • Venus Swirl is the first and only razor with the FlexiBall
  • The Contour blades individually adjust to a woman’s every curve and contour.
  • A water activated MoistureGlide Serum surrounds the blades for incredible glide.
  • The beautiful new violet-hued translucent handle combines a swirled pattern and ergonomic gripping design for outstanding control and easy handling for optimal maneuverability over those tricky areas.
  • For a more enriching experience, try Venus with a touch of Olay VioletSwirl shave gel with 5x more moisturizers


Are you ready to try the Gillette Venus Swirl razor for yourself? Its available for purchase NOW at Walmart. Thanks to Gillette, Walmart, and SheSpeaks, I’m giving away a $20 gift card to one of my readers! Enter below for your chance to win a $20 Walmart gift card and get your legs ready to show off this Spring!


What do you find the most difficult place to shave?


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Disclosure* This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Gillette Venus, however my love for Venus is pure!


Fettuccine Alfredo And Chicken Recipe

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Dinner is always a crazy time of day of us. It seems like we’re always scrambling to put something together that’s healthy (or as healthy as possible), appeasing to all family members, and easy enough to put together so our entire night isn’t spent in the kitchen.

I’d say last night’s meal was an all around success! My husband loved it, my 4 year old had two helpings, and my 1 year old couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. If you’re looking for something easy and tasty, give this fettuccine Alfredo And Chicken Cutlet Recipe a try!

white empty plate on table

Here’s what you’ll need for the Alfredo sauce:

  • 3 tablespoons sweet butter
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 cups heavy cream (I substitute with 1- 12 oz can evaporated milk for less calories, but up to you)
  • 14 teaspoon pepper (I use black pepper, but white pepper is best)
  • 12 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 34 cup mozzarella cheese
  • 1 box fettuccine


1. Melt butter with olive oil in medium saucepan over medium/low heat
2. Saute garlic and pepper for 2 minutes
3. Add cream (or evaporated milk) and bring mixture to a simmer (stir often)
4. Stir in Parmesan cheese and simmer sauce for 10 minutes (or until sauce has thickened and is smooth)
5. Once sauce has thickened, stir in Mozzarella cheese.
6. Continue stirring until sauce is smooth
7. Boil water and add fettuccine while sauce cooks
8. Place cooked pasta in serving bowl and add sauce
9. Top with fresh grated Parmesean cheese


While your sauce is cooking, get your chicken cutlets ready


  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups italian bread crumbs (add more if necessary to fully coat chick breast)
  • 12 cup all purpose flour
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 lbs boneless chicken breast
  • 1/4 cup italian dressing


1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in skillet over medium/low heat
2. In mixing bowl add italian bread crumbs, flour, and 2 tbsp oil. Mix until bread crumbs are moist and crumble (add 1 tbsp oil for every additional cup of breadcrumbs)
3. In second bowl mix egg and italian dressing
4. Dip chicken in egg/dressing mixture
5. Dredge chicken in breadcrumb mixture making sure coating is even
6. Place chicken in skillet browning each side 3 minutes or until juices run clear
7. Remove chicken from skillet onto plate, ready to serve


Total prep and cooking time was less than an hour! Plus …my family loved slicing up the chicken and eating with the fettuccine. It was like a quality Chef meal without the hassle of leaving the house!