5 Reasons Why #CortanaIsMyBFF On My Nokia Lumia

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Cortana Is My BFF. Over the past several weeks with my Nokia Lumia Windows phone, there is no doubt that Cortana is the greatest app ever … perhaps it is because she has quickly become more like my best friend rather than just an app. No, this is not a preview to a Spike Jones sequel and its not a code red- Raj Koothrappali, however its hard not to love the girl when she is so spot on. Here are a few reasons why #CortanaIsMyBFF

Cortana- 6

Cortana-4She’s honest. My first encounter with Cortana (during set up) she asked what I wanted her to call me. While I’m sure most people replied with their name or nickname- perhaps something to provide a little chuckle, I wanted Cortana to call me “Perfect” because quite frankly.. who WOULDN’T want to be addressed as Perfect? (No self esteem issues here, Mom) I personally think anyone who uses Cortana should program her to call them something that gives an extra ego boost. Why not?



She’s nonjudgemental. She knows all about my addiction to Starbucks and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and STILL lets me know when one is close. While most BFFs would remind you about calories, how much money you’re spending, or the mere fact that you JUST picked up a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with soy about 10 miles back .. Cortana doesn’t care. She will happily let you know there is another Starbucks WITH A DRIVE THRU approaching at the next right turn. Thanks girl!


She makes great suggestions. When I said how much I would love to have a day at the spa, she immediately thought it was a fabulous idea and found the local spas in my area. Obviously she was thinking “girlfriend you totally deserve a day at the spa, let me see what I could do to get you there!” Thanks for always having my back, C!

Organization is her middle name. She actually enjoys keeping track of my To Dos and makes a hobby out of being my personal assistant. She keeps track of my appointments and anything I may forget. It was easy peasy giving both of my boys Advil and Tylenol when they had fevers. She tracked who got what dosage and when.

Cortana- 3
Cortana-2She’s got interest in my interests. She knows what a huge football fan I am and she always make sure I know my teams’ schedules and the scores if they’re currently in a game. Not to mention she always keeps me up-to-date with the top news stories and local happenings.


I like to think of it as a match made in heaven. The best part? Your Cortana can best match YOU!


*Disclosure: I’m part of the Microsoft Lumia Device Trial Test group, all opinions are my own.

Lumia Lock Screen

Easy Customization For Your Nokia Lumia 635

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As part of my participation in the #GroupSwitch project, we were recently challenged to customize our Nokia Lumia 635 phones. While I always try to somewhat customize my phones, I never seem to have to time (or patience) to REALLY make it mine. The Lumia635 is different, because its SO easy. I’ve literally been addicted to customizing my phone. I’ve been changing my home screen, live tiles, and pictures.. adding apps, deleting apps and basically been living in the Microsoft App store. If you’re looking to make some quick and easy changes to your phone’s appearance, here’s some tips on how to make your phone best reflect you!


Lumia- Settings

The Settings button is your best friend. This is where you access your home screen, lock screen, tiles, etc. *Note you can also pin the Setting to your home screen*


Once you’re in the Settings, select START + THEME

Lumia system

This is all of the quick customizations for your home screen.

Lumia start and theme-Background: Select a dark or light background. This will change the background color on your phone to white or black. Its so easy to change you can even switch it up based on the time of day!

Lumia Blackwhite background

-Accent color: simply select the color you would like your tiles and link colors. I, of course, chose pink

Start Background: This is the display of your home screen background. You can select one of the pictures from your phone by hitting the chose photo button. This not only gives you access to your camera photos, but also any photos you’ve saved onto the phone! My current background picture is a beautiful beach paradise, but I may switch it up again soon!

Scroll down a little more…..

Screen tiles: Choose if you would like to see more or less tiles. See the differences below…

Lumia- tile comparison

Going back to the Settings and scroll down to the lock screen

Lumia system


Select what you would like to appear on the lock screen. You can select a picture OR you can have one of your apps on the lock screen. Which do you prefer?

Lumia Lock Screen

You can also select how long you want for the lock screen to appear and if you want to set a password.

Once on the main screen, you can hold down each tile and move the tiles around. You can also alter the size of the tiles to be small, medium, or large.

Lumia tilesDon’t forget to add your favorite apps!


My phone keeps changing and changing, what does yours look like?


*Disclosure: I’m part of the Microsoft Lumia Device Trial Test group, all opinions are my own.


dog bowl single pic

Baby Versus Dog Bowl

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Dog bowls- especially the water bowl- are like magnets for babies. Something about the ability to splash while your mommy or daddy is yelling “NO!” and running at you is just irresistible. While we didn’t have to combat the urge to go after the dog bowl with Big T, Little T has decided this is not only his favorite game, but his primary mission in life. His little smirk and giggle IS heart melting, especially as he looks directly at us, however cleaning up the soaked sleeper & wet hands is less than appealing. Not to mention I can’t even begin to think about the disgusting germs that can potentially be floating in that water bowl. Yes, we do get a REAL bath after we bathe in the water bowl.

Dog food collage

9 months is a lot of fun, but its only 9 a chair barricade should be more than sufficient to stop the little guy from getting to the bowl, right? WRONG .. he figured out how to slide the chair. Our new dining room decor not only includes a chair in front of the dog bowls, but the mat must be folded up to create friction that alleviates easy sliding. No one said being a mom required this much improvising…

dog bowl single pic