Keep Babies Cozy With Little Lotus

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Little Lotus is a revolutionary line of baby products from Embrace Innovations, that keeps babies cozy while also helping moms and babies all around the world.


Inspired by the Embrace Infant Warmer, which has helped more than 150,000 babies worldwide, Little Lotus swaddles, sleep sacks & blankets use proprietary technology inspired by NASA spacesuits to keep babies at an ideal temperature so they can rest more comfortably. For every product sold, a baby in need will be helped by the Embrace warmer, as way to extend a ‘warm embrace’ to less fortunate moms and babies all over the world.


The signature print of the Little Lotus products was inspired by Touch Our Future, and features the hand tracings of mothers and babies helped by the Embrace warmers.


Little Lotus just launched a Kickstarter campaign and have been covered in Newsweek, Fox, Parents Magazine, and The Bump. You can support the initiative by pre-ordering products at a special discounted price on Kickstarter, now through May 29th, 2015.


YOU CAN ENTER TODAY to win a Touch Our Future Silk Scarf!!

The ‘Touch our Future’ inspired scarf features the hand traces of mothers and babies impacted by the Embrace infant warmer. For every scarf purchased, a baby in need will be helped by Embrace.


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Photo Credit: Recovery Unplugged

Music That Hits Your Soul #RecoveryMusic

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Music has always been such an important part of my life. Whether I’m being silly singing and dancing or keeping it calm with a relaxing or somber tune, my music is always there. It has the power to uplift you and make you smile, while at the same time connect to your core. In many instances of life, music is what sees us through.

Think of all the ways music affects us. I can remember hearing The Graduation Song by Vitamin C around the time I was graduating high school. Something about that song made me feel so accomplished and to this day I feel nostalgic when I hear it. During labor and childbirth, midwives suggest you listen to relaxing and positive music to help you through delivery. We include music at our weddings, parties, and many other social events.

Photo Credit: Recovery Unplugged

Photo Credit: Recovery Unplugged


After suffering a life altering injury two years ago, music is one of the things that helped me though. My husband made various playlists for me to listen to when I experienced any symptoms. Music is truly what continues to help me through my recovery. No matter what happens, I know I can go to my favorite playlist and hear songs like Mr. Jones by Counting Crows, Crash by Dave Matthews Band, and Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve  to give me comfort and bring a smile to my face.

Knowing what music did for me, I’m a believer that it can also help people who have an addiction. Unfortunately, I’ve seen countless friends battle a world of addiction.  In every case, they started as “good” kids from “good” families with “good” upbringing. Addiction turned into people that were unrecognizable facing challenges that were hard to understand.


Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center understands the power of music and uses it to their advantage.

Music Makes the Difference

Our mission is to provide hope and healing for individuals affected by addiction using the power of music.

The challenge with typical treatment programs, besides most of it being based on talk-therapy, is that eventually you have to leave. What can be done in 30 days can be easily undone in 30 minutes. Although addicts have much in common, there are individual needs that are ignored in most treatment centers. At Recovery Unplugged™ Treatment Center, we get to know each client as an individual, allowing us to better understand his or her needs for a full recovery. Just as everyone is different, so are our clients’ needs for rehabilitation and long-term sobriety. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to give our clients the best chance at returning to society as sober, motivated individuals. Our treatment philosophy centers on providing clients with a full continuum of care and rehabilitation with guidance and support every step of the way. Clients engage in day or night treatment with community housing, intensive outpatient programming, aftercare ,and sober living.

Photo Credit: Recovery Unplugged

Photo Credit: Recovery Unplugged

Musical Medicine

Recovery Unplugged is a drug rehab center in Florida that uses musical medicine. Besides regular treatment they use music to break through the walls created to tackle the addiction. The clients are included in music groups and give live performances. This is a great way to explore the creative side of themselves. No prior musical experience is needed and clients are encouraged to  write lyrics and even record their songs in Recovery Unplugged’s studio. Some of the greatest songs written were wrote when the artist was in a dark spot or their happiest spot. Learning how to put those feeling out there on paper or through music is an alternative to trying to make them go away through drugs or alcohol.

Do you or someone you know have an addiction? Don’t wait, Call Recovery Unplugged Now!

*I received compensation from Recovery Unplugged for this sponsored post, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

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Toys for Learning to Walk

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Your baby’s first steps are a monumental milestone in his life. As your little one is learning to gain their balance and working up the courage to take those first steps, you can help. Using walker toys is a great way to encourage walking!

We picked up the Fisher Price Walker to Wagon when my oldest son was just learning to stand. He absolutely loved having the independence of crawling over to the walker and pulling himself up. As he became more comfortable pushing the walker, he would go around the house in circles! The walker was sturdy enough to hold him up but light enough for him to adjust if he needed to reposition his direction.


The handle of the walker easily clips into the back to create a wagon, perfect for toddlers that no longer need assistance when walking. We used the walker to wagon with my youngest son and had the same amount of success. Both boys loved being able to pull the wagon around the house (and in the yard).

The walker to wagon was the perfect walking toy to grow with them!


Photo Credit: toysie.com

Photo Credit: toysie.com


Dreft Family

Enjoy the #Amazinghood Of Parenthood With Dreft

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Having two boys, I know all of the #Amazinghood being a mom has to offer. I also know sometimes moms (and dads) need a little help from Dreft.

dreft logo

Bringing your new baby home is an exciting time, but it also means lots of work! The newborn stage is tons of cooing, smiles, and dressing them up in the cutest little outfits you can find. But what happens when you have diaper blow outs or they spit up all over that adorable shirt? I’m guilty of dressing my boys to the max from the minute they were born. I wanted to make sure even though they were boys, they were still stylish. I didn’t plan on the yellow spit up stains and diaper blowouts that are typically associated with babies!


I, of course, had the Dreft handy to wash my infants’ clothes but I didn’t realize HOW much I would rely on my Dreft. First, it cut through to the stains quick. I was easily able to hand clothes down from little boy one to little boy two and still have everything look brand new. Second (and more importantly) it’s gentle for their skin. Both of my boys have such sensitive skin, we have to be very careful of everything we use from the soap and lotion all the way down to detergent. Using Dreft not only helped the quality of their clothes, but it left me plenty of time to ENJOY my boys and not worry about soaking and scrubbing to get out stains.


My older boy has moved from the spit up stage to the dirt and mud stage. He plays hard and is rough on his clothes. Since its monkey see, monkey do, my baby boy tries to be as tough on his clothes as his big brother. That means LOTS of laundry for this mama and as you can imagine, my Dreft is what gets me through!

Dreft has you covered as your babies grow. See which Dreft product is right for you!

Stage 1 Newborn

  • Dreft Newborn (Stage One): Expectant and new parents can wash their little one’s fabrics with Dreft’s same beloved hypoallergenic formula, designed to be tough on stains and gentle on baby’s skin with the beloved Dreft baby scent.
  • NEW Dreft Active Baby (Stage Two): Specially designed with a growing, developing baby in mind, NEW Dreft Active Baby helps to remove 99% of baby food stains and other outdoor messes with a gentle, hypoallergenic formula and fresh scent.
  • NEW Dreft Blissfuls (Stage Three): NEW Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent boosters gives families the baby fresh scent they love. Safe on all fabrics, these beads help bring back that nostalgic, amazing baby scent (and all those memories) with every wash.

Stage 2 Active Baby

See how Dreft welcomes you to #amazinghood!

Dreft Blissfuls

Can’t get enough Dreft? Check out how YOU can get involved with the fun stuff Dreft has coming up!

  • Dreft has partnered with new mom and singer Kelly Rowland to unveil the brand’s new line of laundry products that take care of family laundry needs at each life stage – from pregnancy through toddlerhood and beyond.
  • Join us on Tuesday, May 5th, from 9-10pmEST as we talk with Kelly about her life as a mom and how she plans to celebrate her very first Mother’s Day!  RSVP here: http://vite.io/DoubleDutyDivas
  • Download Dreft’s “Amazing Baby Days” app now available for FREE on the App store. This one- of-a kind app helps parents – and parents to be – capture the amazing moments of pregnancy through their baby’s first year and has recently been updated so that moms and dads can make keepsake movies from photos and videos captured within the app!

Follow Dreft on Twitter and Facebook!

Dreft Family

Check out Dreft’s laundry line for yourself!

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN YOUR OWN DREFT!! Plus these goodies too:

  • Dreft Product Line
  • Little Me Receiving Blankets (check out their website for more info)
  • Booster Chair
  • Lovey
  • 5 Year Memory Book

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*This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dreft. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review and compensation, but all opinions are 100% mine*


Moms With Boys Need Bounty With Dawn

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My relationship with Bounty has blossomed from a college girl on her own for the first time to a mom of boys chasing sticky hands throughout the house. It was no surprise when Bounty introduced its new paper towel that was infused with the grease fighting power of Dawn, I was hooked. I’ve always been a Bounty/Dawn girl, so having two of my favorite products together just made sense.


My house of boys (big and small) comes with daily spills and messes from the kitchen to the bathroom, the floors to the walls and every nook and cranny between. I’m constantly grabbing my Bounty to clean up mess after mess. I’m pretty much convinced the new Bounty with Dawn was made especially for me and my family. Surely they found out about the chocolate hands on my walls or syrup stuck on my counter. Maybe they felt bad about that medicine cap that was directly stuck on my kitchen table or the ring left on my end table from my toddlers milk cup. While any of these circumstances may have prompted this latest creation, regardless I will gladly accept every ounce of those lovely bubbles.

PicMonkey Collage

We received an awesome Bounty With Dawn kit complete with our own mini kitchen, a roll of new Bounty With Dawn, a pasta scoop, ice cream scoop (which was my favorite), and mini booklet of fun recipes. Part of our Bounty With Dawn kit also included a WalMart gift card to purchase items and create a tasty recipe! I let my little guy help me with a recipe and it was no surprise he selected the hot chocolate! We’re guilty of not ALL the chocolate syrup making it to the cup and although my counter hides messes well, you can’t mistake the dried chocolate. We had macaroni for dinner and the sauce had also splattered on my wall behind the stove. I’m not a fan of cleaning, but I was so excited to try my new Bounty with Dawn!

PicMonkey Collage2

The Bounty sheet was super thick and smelled so fresh and clean. With just a little bit of water, I was able to work up a nice lather. Before I started cleaning my counter and walls- I figured I’d wash the sharp knives in my sink. I was completely amazed how well the Bounty Towel With Dawn scrubbed the knives and lifted all of the tiny particles.

PicMonkey Collage52IMG_8423

I then went to what I thought would be “work”- on my counter and back splash. The one single sheet was so durable I was able to wash my dirty knives, counter, and back splash in one shot. After just a few little scrubs my counter was chocolate clear and there was no sauce residue on my wall!

PicMonkey Collage4

Here is some info about the new Bounty With Dawn:

  • Bounty with Dawn is a specially designed 2-in-1 product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with grease-fighting power of Dawn dish soap
  • When activated by water, Bounty with Dawn stands up to tough messes like grease and dried food residue
  • Bounty with Dawn stands up to tough messes similar to a dishcloth
  • Bounty with Dawn is the thickest, strongest Bounty available on the market, with 70% more fibers in each sheet and clothlike durability to stay intact while cleaning
  • Bounty with Dawn can even be reused—simply rinse and wring the grease out to keep tackling any mess with just one sheet
  • Regular Bounty is still recommended for everyday messes and spills
  • The grease-fighting power of Dawn combined with the strength of Bounty cleans 4x better than a used dishcloth



The hot chocolate recipe was SO good- and perfect for the kids! Pick up a roll of Bounty with Dawn so you don’t have to worry about the chocolate mess left behind.


Chocolate syrup
Canned whipped cream
Milk of choice


1. Squirt 3 tbsp of chocolate sauce in a mug.
2. Fill mug halfway up with whipped cream.
3. Mix the cream and chocolate together with a spoon.
4. Add the hot milk of your choice and stir thoroughly.
5. Top with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

PicMonkey Collage3

*Disclosure- This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Bounty, however my love for Bounty is pure.