Prepare Your Holiday With Duracell Batteries

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The countdown to Christmas is almost as exciting as Christmas morning for your children. They have anxiously been awaiting for the green light to run to the tree and rip open every present with their name on it. As a parent, your Christmas countdown is a little more than finding an Elf every day, marking the days on a calendar, and watching your favorite Christmas shows. You have likely been searching sales, running to stores, wrapping, ordering things online, decorating, and drowning in cups of coffee. Your Christmas Eve checklist is comparable to St. Nick’s .. tape, wrapping paper, scissors, name tags, cookies, milk, carrots.. and while those are all necessary items, the most important item that should be on top of this list is, of course the BATTERIES.


I will never forget the ultimate disappointment of opening presents as a kid and having an awesome new gift that wouldn’t work because the batteries were not included. We were always excited to open gifts with a small wrapped package on top because we knew it was likely a box of batteries for the large wrapping of fun underneath.



Once I became a parent I vowed I would NEVER run out of batteries for my kids. I didn’t want to run franticly searching for the tv remotes to scrounge up 2 batteries here and 4 batteries there. So every year, I make sure to stuff the stockings with packages of AA and AAA Duracell batteries. This year we have SO many presents that require batteries! I’ll definitely be heading to Walmart to pick up my stash!



After going through a bunch of the gifts, I found that quite a few did NOT come with batteries! Those stocking stuffed with Duracell will definitely be needed this year!


Making sure our battery drawer is fully stocked with Duracell for non toy items is just as important. Our Christmas decorations all require AA or AAA batteries and are played non stop during the day (it would be a travesty if our Penguin didn’t waddled when you pressed his hand). You often hear about fires starting in homes between trees and all of the decor that is plugged in, which makes it imperative to have safety items like flashlights and smoke detectors.

10 11

All of the favorite toys in our home currently require batteries and nearly all of our new Christmas toys require batteries as well. While most of our items require AA or AAA, there are a few that require C or D batteries- like our ball popper. Many of the remote control vehicles require 9V batteries so its always best to check the boxes to ensure you have the correct batteries.




While running around crazy may be part of your Christmas traditions, take charge of some of the chaos by ensuring no toy is left without a battery! Stock up with Duracell and watch the magic of Christmas toys come alive!


Check out how Duracell and Walmart are helping to #PowerTheHolidays on Twitter and Facebook.


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Holiday Traditions- Black Friday Shopping Edition

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As we embark on the holiday season, its a new year to create memories and continue traditions. While many people look forward to Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends and continue traditions of football games, parades, and cooking.. our tradition has always been rather unconventional- BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!


We enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our family and conclude our meal with dessert… and then the blue prints come out. After dessert, we clear off the table and spread our Black Friday flyers across the 12 foot table. Next we work on separating our lists.

  • List #1 contains the names of everyone needing gifts.
  • List # 2 includes all of our MUST HAVE items
  • List #3 is all of the stores with items we need/want AND the items including prices
  • List #4 is our “plan of attack” marking the stores we will definitely visit.

The past few years stores have been opening Thanksgiving evening as early as 8 pm, which actually makes for less crowds Friday morning. There were years we were up and out at 2 am, and other years we’ve decided its effective to leave at 4 am to allows enough time to hit the sales that start Friday morning at 5 am. This year we went full force and embarked on our shopping adventure around 10 pm. We mapped out the stores that started sales Thanksgiving evening and ended our route in those stores that started sales at 5 am. Our goal was to be totally done with shopping by the wee hours of the morning!


I usually go with my mom and sister, but this year was extra special because we had two more recruits! Our first stop is, of course, coffee. Then we make contact with Eagle 1 (my aunt). She visits other stores that aren’t in our direct route (like WalMart) so we share our “must haves” from those stores for her to pick up. In return, we pick up items she may need for our route. We start at the first store (which has been Toys R Us since my son has been born). The next few stores vary by sales and items we need, but can include Target, Best Buy, or Home Depot. After round 1 we make a pit stop at home to do our first drop off. My husband and dad usually meet us in the garages to unload our booty.

PicMonkey Collage

Between round 1 and round 2 shopping we check in with Eagle 1 to see her progress and go out any outstanding items we still need. Round 2 kicks off with heading to the Outlets which can include stores like Coach, Gap, Pac Sun, Under Armor, Aeropostale, Nike, Saks, etc. Depending on timing, we’ll stop for a quick bite to eat, then drop off round 2 load at home.

Round 3 is at Kohls. They always have great sales and we have until 1 pm to get all the early bird specials. This is where we can get a bulk of those house hold items, some toys for the kids, and clothes. They always offer Kohls cash (to be used at a later time) and have coupons when using your Kohls charge. Our Kohls visit fills up the car and requires another drop off at home.

Round 4 is the mall (after coffee stop #3 at Starbucks) We do this last because a lot of the time we can get the same deals as Sears and Macys at Kohls or Home Depot. But of course there are always a few extra items (and stores) that we can hit up at the mall. Round 4 isn’t a very long trip, by this time we are pretty tired and ready to get home to go through our loot.


When we finally get home the guys are lounging and staring with a “you are crazy” glaze in their eyes. Our Black Friday deals take care of almost all of our Christmas shopping and we still save a significant amount of money.

Do you go out for Black Friday shopping? What stores are your must stop shops?


2014 Holiday Gift Guide and Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza

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Take a peek at these Holiday Gifts and be sure to enter to win in our Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

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End ALZ Now: The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

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November is more than the month that kicks off the holiday season, it also happens to be the National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. You can take a stand to End ALZ Now with the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry. For the millions of individuals affected by Alzheimers, this joyous time of year simply means those precious holiday memories are not guaranteed. There are currently 5.2 million Americans living with Alzheimers which means if you have not directly been affected by this disease, chances are you know someone who has.


Photo Credit: http://www.endalznow.org

Perhaps you heard someone talking about a parent or a grandparent that was diagnosed with Alzheimers and the funny things they did or how they told the same stories over and over. Like our great grandmother who was diagnosed and did comical things like stealing the kitchen sponge or telling people not to eat the strawberries because they were burnt (they were actually chocolate covered). However, it becomes eye opening when you have a best friend that had both grandmothers succumb to Alzheimers or a cousin who’s husband was diagnosed at 50 and needs constant care by age 51.

Some facts about Alzheimers:

  • Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. It is not a normal part of aging, although the greatest known risk factor is increasing age.
  • Approximately 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s today, with one new case diagnosed every 68 seconds.
  • One in nine Americans over age 65—and nearly one in three Americans over age 85—is currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
  • The prevalence of Alzheimer’s is projected to increase sharply in coming decades because of the nation’s aging population. By 2050, that number could nearly triple to a projected 13.8 million.
  • Early-onset Alzheimer’s, which involves about 3 percent of all Alzheimer’s diagnoses, is identified by symptoms that begin before age 65.
  • Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S. and the only cause of death among the top 10 that cannot be prevented, slowed or cured.

Photo Credit: http://www.endalznow.org


The hardest part is having to sit helplessly as you watch] your loved one endure the daily struggle with Alzheimers. While there is no known cure for Alzheimers, the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry is constantly working to fight ALZ. Anyone can join the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry! You’ll receive emails to learn more information about the disease and you can participate in studies to really make an impactful contribution to help further the research for Alzheimers.

Some information about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry:

  • Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) created and leads the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry in collaboration with partnering organizations as part of its mission to end Alzheimer’s disease without losing another generation.
  • BAI is helping to lead the fight against Alzheimer’s through its cutting-edge studies in detection, treatment and prevention and through a comprehensive model of care that addresses both medical and non-medical needs of patients and their families.
  • The Registry is part of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative, also championed by BAI, an international collaborative formed to launch a new era of Alzheimer’s prevention research.
  • API is focused on evaluating the most promising therapies in cognitively normal people who, based on their age and genetic background, are at the highest imminent risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.


Please join us to ENDALZNOW and encourage your family and friends to do the same!

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Lexus Family Florida Road Trip- #LexusRoadTrip

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One of the best feelings in life is jumping behind the wheel and taking a drive with the windows down and the moonroof open! An even better feeling is having the chance to take that drive in the Lexus LX 550! We were able to test drive the LX 550 for 5 whole days during our visit to Florida.  Our #LexusRoadTrip began in Orlando, Florida and it was nothing short of amazing. As soon as the LX turned the corner and I saw that white pearl paint glistening in the sun, it was hard to keep my jaw from hitting the ground. The LX is simply beautiful from top to bottom, with an interior finish that is incredibly satisfying!


Our road trips have dramatically changed over the years now that we have children. Two children come along with toys, strollers, diaper bags, and more. When you couple the children’s baggage with your luggage, camera, etc. your cargo space quickly diminishes. Any one with kids knows, familiarity and comfortability is key. The excitement of cruising around in a “new car” isn’t always reciprocated with the little ones .. not to mention, there is no opinion more honest than that of a 4 year old! The first thing my son said when I opened the door for him to get in was “Daddy I like this car, can we keep it?” Right then I knew, this was going to be a great trip! So after installing two car seats, packing up our four suitcases, double stroller, diaper bags, book bags, pump bags, toys & kids… we hit the road!

lexus 9
Once I sat in the driver’s seat I instantly fell in love, not only with the heated and cooled seats but the incredible fit and finish of the leather. The bolsters are form fitting, the leather is supple & the Mahogany wood & leather trimmed steering wheel makes any drive incredible! One of the best features is the power folding rear seats. For a smaller woman (like my wife) it can be difficult to fold heavy seats, but with a simple touch of the button in the cargo area, they easily fold up out of the way! Her favorite was the side step running board, which enabled her to hop in and out of the SUV effortlessly. It was incredible.

lexus 6

lexus 5
The daily Florida rain was never a problem with the automatic windshield wipers! There was no need to mess with the “perfect setting” because our LX timed it perfectly! My wife is always cold (yes, even in the 80 degree humid tropical climate) so the dual heating and air conditioning was perfect to get us through the road trip. My older son loved the center counsel in the backseat that came with his own personal cup holder as well as his own heating/ac zone.

lexus 8

lexus 10

In the end our trip took us from Orlando to St. Augustine & almost everywhere in between. We couldn’t have been happier with the Lexus LX 550! The smooth quiet ride is perfect for the family or entertaining clients for business. No matter what your road trip involves you definitely would not be disappointed with this SUV!

lexus 11

Check out the full specs here!